Sunglasses that are right for you and your personality

When it comes to sunglasses, it pays to keep an open mind. Polaroid gives you a combination of classic styles and on-trend fashion frames. Not to mention all our sports frames and Polaroid suncovers. To help you start thinking about what you want, we have a few suggestions that just might help.

What face shape do you have?

Tricky question. But here’s an idea. When your hair is wet, slick it straight back from your face. If it won’t stay in place, use a head band. Stand in front of a mirror and, using an old lipstick or washable felt tip, trace the outline of your face onto the mirror. No face is perfectly oval, round, diamond or square. Most of us are just reasonable approximations.

Once you have a good outline, you can consider how your overall face shape suits different sunglasses.

Sunglasses – from a masculine perspective

Think comfort. Think contemporary. At Polaroid Eyewear, we’ve definitely done our research. Our sunglasses won’t pinch your nose or make your ears hurt. They’re designed to be worn all day – whether you’re driving or hurtling down a mountain on a bike.

square Square – Brad Pitt’s manly visage is an almost perfect square, And if yours is too, just about any frame will work for you. Without a doubt, the teardrop shape of our aviators will suit you down to the ground. Larger shapes should also go down a treat.
round Round – Denzel Washington has a famously round face – and the friendly, open look it gives him may just be the key to his popularity. If you have a round face, look at our smaller, square styles or go for rimless sunglasses.
diamond Diamond – Zac Ephron’s is young, good looking and a perfect diamond. He would suit larger, bolder frames or a classic aviator style – and so would you if your face is the same shape.
oval Oval – Hugh Grant’s charming features add up to a classic oval. If you’re the same, try sunglasses that aren’t too large. Aviators or a simple rimless style should be just about perfect.
rectangle Rectangle – If you’re face is rectangular, you probably look a lot like George Clooney. His chin and high forehead are perfectly balanced. Classic looks demand a classic frame. Think aviator. Or, go bold and try something with square lenses.
triangle Triangle – Think you look like Richard Branson, with his broad cheekbones and refined chin? Then the angular look of our sports sunglasses will be perfect for you.

Women’s sunglasses – style that makes a statement

Sometimes you need more than one pair of sunglasses to get through the year. After all, that wonderful black pair with the discreet rhinestones may not work with your new favourite colour combination – chestnut and teal. And the aviators that were spot-on with those ditsy floral dresses may not keep pace with your new interest in checks and statement jewellery. Fashion can be a bit fickle. But by recognising what works for your face shape, colouring and individual features, you can stay current without looking overwhelmed by a particular style. You should be wearing your sunglasses, not the other way around.

Your mother was right, you are beautiful. And to help you along, we’d like to give you a few ideas about the shape of your face, and the sunglasses that might work best for you. These are not iron-clad rules, your height, personality and interests should all have an impact on the frames you choose. Think of this as a good starting point.

square Square – Lucky you, your strong jaw balances your forehead perfectly. If only we could all channel Demi Moore’s famously square (and ageless) face. Try a round or oval shaped frame that gives your face some exciting new curves
round Round – It’s surprising how many women have lovely round faces – take Kirsten Dunst for example. The trick here is to find contrasting angles that are slightly wider than your face. A cat-eye or even a sports style can be very appealing.
diamond Diamond – With your slender jaw and forehead, you’ll be a stand out in round or oval shaped sunglasses. After all, you share the same facial shape as Sophia Loren. This is one face shape that suits larger styles
oval Oval – Look for classic oval shapes that contrast with the elegant lines of your face. Frames that aren’t wider than the widest part of your face will make the most of your features’ natural balance. Or, you could just follow Eva Mendez’s lead. She’s a great example of a perfect oval with style.
rectangle Rectangle – Keeping your face balanced is the key. Lots of shapes will work, but you might want to look for one that isn’t wider than the widest part of your face. Lucy Liu is a wonderful example for you to follow.
triangle Triangle – High cheekbones are an asset as Mischa Barton knows. You may find a lot of classic sunglasses shapes will work well for you. Aviators for a start. You might also like to try some cat eye or rimless styles.

Colour is as colour does

Whether you’re pale and interesting, dark-skinned or as bronze as the average Greek god or goddess, there are sunglasses to highlight your skin colour and tone. Here you’ll find some guidelines, but remember these are only guidelines. If you want to break the rules and try something completely different, go ahead. And, if you buy a pair of sunglasses from our Polaroid Sunglasses UK site that aren’t right for you, we’ve made returns easy. With Polaroid Sunglasses, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re fair enough to worry about the sun even in winter, you might want to look at tortoiseshell as opposed to black frames. Gold may also be a strong option.

And if your skin is dark, you might look for metallics or try something in a lighter colour that gives you a strong contrast. If you have a medium complexion, don’t hesitate to look for silver or green as well as shades of brown.

Many of Polaroid Eyewear’s classic black and dark brown frames work well with every kind of colouring. And don’t forget personality also counts. So whether you’re a little outrageous or always in control, try sunglasses that reflect your personality.