Optica perfecta

Impact resistance and shock absorbency

Q: How do you curve a lens?

Most sunglasses lenses are curved. Some gently. Some dramatically. Getting the right amount of curve into a lens is not that difficult. Getting a curve into a lens while retaining its optical clarity however, is notoriously tricky. Then Polaroid gave it a go. Traditional manufacturers use 'vacuum-forming' to curve their lenses. This technique results in lenses which temporarily warp your perception of sizes, shapes and distances. This distortion is subtle and takes place often without you even realizing - things just aren't quite how they seem. And since your eye is forced to compensate for the lenses' sub-standard optical performance, you are at huge risk of eye strain if you wear poor quality sunglasses.

A: Cleverly

We've developed some cool lens technology that gives clearer, truer vision with no shape-shifting side-effects. We call it Thermofusion™ Technology. It's a unique optical lens manufacture process which optically fine-tunes the lens while curving it. Polaroid's Thermofusion™ Technology creates lenses which are optically perfect, allowing the eye and the wearer to relax.

Distortion is a thing of the past with Polaroid lenses.