Absorbtie socuri

Impact resistance and shock absorbency

At Polaroid Eyewear, our goal is to create sunglasses that are not only comfortable and stylish, but also right for different conditions. UltraSight™ lenses are strong - very strong – and that makes them safe. They exceed the requirements of all international safety standards, including European sunglass tests, as well as Australian, Chinese and American safety standards.

As a partner of BFU Switzerland, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Polaroid Eyewear are committed to continued safety improvements through research, high targets and accident prevention measures. All key factors in the development of this new lens.

High speed impact – absorbed by the lens

test de impact

It should come as no surprise that UltraSight™ lenses satisfy high velocity impact tests. These lenses can absorb the energy generated from the impact of a steel ball travelling at a speed of 100mph.

That’s because of the unique lens composition. In impact situations, every layer fused within the lens disperses energy. That makes UltraSight™ incredibly shock-absorbent.

Light, strong and safe

UltraSight™ can take a few knocks too. This impact resistant lens out-performs even thicker and heavier lenses usually associated with safety.