Sunglasses that give you more of what you want.

Polaroid sunglasses give you protection, performance and style – all at a price you can live with. It’s a powerful combination you won’t find anywhere else. And it starts with the technology we put into each of our lenses.

All Polaroid sunglasses come with UltraSight™ lenses – made from technically advanced eco-polymers that are formed and quality checked at our European research and production facility in the Vale of Leven, Scotland. We use Thermofusion™ Technology, a process exclusively developed by Polaroid Eyewear, to curve and complete our lenses. T he result is sunglasses that give you outstanding visual acuity.

Which means you’ll see things accurately, even at a distance. And with our polarizing technology, you won’t have to worry about glare. Our lenses also block all harmful UV light up to 400nm and incorporate shock absorbers for safety.

Polaroid sunglasses take your eyes seriously. That’s why we’ve included information that will show you how our sunglasses are different - and better.